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19th-Oct-2020 09:39 pm - F-to-tha-riends Locked, bb ;D
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
                I'm totally not like an uber-bitch or anything, but I just felt like my journal needed to be friend locked because sometimes, I can get pretty personal with my entries. Which I really don't care about my friends seeing, but the whole damn internet doesn't need to know my personal biz (aka possible real-life friends/acquaintances).

Things one should know about me:
▪Enjoys watching Anime
▪Loves Korean Boybands (and Girlbands too)
▪Admires hawt bodies specifically male
▪Open to the music and cultures of others
▪Loves J-pop and K-pop
▪Jailbait boybands are her guilty pleasure Dx
▪Loves Asian languages
▪Loves to sing and dance, so don't tell me I'm bad at either of them xD

-- You should totally read my profile if you need to know more, Mmkay? :3

Anyway, what one will find in this journal is:
▫A lot of real life stuff (you don't have to read it if you don't want to D:)
▫K-Pop/J-Pop macros and/or captions
▫Almost always long entries
▫Icon's and possible random picspam (everyone loves picspam, right?)
▫Possible camera-whoring (I haven't definitely decided on this-- no one wants my butt face Dx)
▫FANGIRLING OMG (not often really)
▫...Music ratings? Top iPod songs, blah blah.
▫MUSIC DOWNLOADS? maybeh. maybeh not? ;3

Before I add you, I would like to get to know you a little. Please comment to this entry with the questionnaire thing filled out:

Age and Location:
Current Interests:

Favorite color(s):

Why do you want to be my friend?:
Why should I add you? (totally not meant to be a rude question. But why would a person like me be interested in a person like you?):
Are you a fangirl/boy? If so, of what/who?:
Anything that you feel I should know:

BUT WAIT! There are requirements. samuworld does not enjoy drama. No siree, nor does she like people that can't type well. I mean, if English isn't your native language, please tell me! But please, nO tYPinG liEk diS 4ReAL, HoME sLiCE. It is annoying-- I mean I can totally understand if you are joking around, but entries being typed like that is ridiculous.

AND PLEASE, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ME! I DON'T BITE (really, I don't. Unless you totally bite me first, then the war is on)! I love people and the more friends, the merrier, correct? YAY! DONE WITH FRIENDS LOCK POST :3

12th-Oct-2008 07:14 pm - 안녕하세요~
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical

저는 셈안사 입니다.
한국이름이 수연이에요.
저는 일학년입니다.
미국 사람이에요.
친구 하고 싶어요.

처음 뵙겠습니다.

24th-Aug-2008 06:28 pm - G-Dragon
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
G-Dragon... Icon spam... Omg.

My mom looked over my shoulder and said "Who is he?" and I said "One of my future husbands." She LOL'd and said "How many husbands do you plan on having?"

[204] G-Dragon Icons

23rd-Aug-2008 08:42 pm - Hello! Project Icon Spam
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
I was in an icon making mood a few days ago (and for the past few days, actually,) so I've made more bases.

[06] Kamei Eri
[03] Maeda Yuuka
[11] Michishige Sayumi
[03] Niigaki Risa
[12] Sudo Maasa
[03] Suzuki Airi
[22] Takahashi Ai
[03] Tanaka Reina

20th-Aug-2008 07:35 am - LMAO
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
I just had the cutest conversation with my three-year-old nephew. It went a little something like this:

Me: ..she's biting me! (Eri)
Him: he's biting you?
Me: Yeah. She's biting me. She's a girl. Eri is a girl.
Him: You're a girl?
Me: I'm a girl. Eri's a girl. Grandma's a girl. Bella's a girl.
Him: Grandma's not a girl!
Me: Yes she is. Grandma is a girl. If she's not a girl what is she? Is she a boy?
Him: ...nooo...
Me: Then what is she?
Him: ....uhh.. a Grandma.

I just about died from the cuteness. xD He's so damn cute, but the little demon is evil, I tell you.
17th-Aug-2008 09:55 pm - icon bases, biatch.
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
Woot. Totally made some icon bases.

[01-20] Takahashi Ai
[21-28] Yajima Maimi
[29-32] Kamei Eri 
[33-36] Michishige Sayumi
[37-40] Niigaki Risa

16th-Aug-2008 11:40 am - Shhiiiiiittt.
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
These Dong Bang boys have no idea what they are doing to meeee~~ ESPECIALLY Jaejoong. Omg. Abs much? He is such a teeaassee~ Dx His future wife... Omg, I'd like for it to be me.

I think Changmin is pretty much the only one who hasn't whored off his body.

...I think they've killed me. Hawt bodiess~~ Dx
11th-Aug-2008 01:12 pm - MUAHAAHAHA!!!
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical

I've corrupted my niece! She can't stop listening to Big Bang's "Haru Haru" and totally has the video on repeat! xDDDD

Not to mention she thinks TOP is hot. I'm like hell tuh tha yeah, but for some reason, G-Dragon is still the at top of my list. xDDD

We watched some videos on youtube together like of Seung Ri dancing, TOP and G-Dragon beatbox-ing. She's totally hooked. Not to mention she kept yelling at me and saying "Fuck you, man. Fuck you. I can't stop listening to it! D8<" xDDD
7th-Aug-2008 02:39 pm - What to do? I have no clue.
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
I'm totally bored. Its like there's nothing to do anymore. Not to mention, I'm super tired all the time now. Ever since orientation (which was a blast, btw) I've been sooo sleepy. I didn't go to bed until about 5am this morning and woke up at about 9am to sing (cause no one is home forreal, except my niece who is dead asleep, right now as I type this). It seems like being a fangirl isn't enough to keep one satisfied for very long. I'm longing for some action, some adventure. Send me to Korea noooww~

So about orientation. My mom and I woke up early (I woke up at 5am to get a bath, and mom woke up at 6am) and it seemed like all she could do was bitch at me one way or the other. My niece stayed up all night and sent us off (it seemed too friendly to be quite honest. She told me to have fun and said that she'd miss me. Who the hell put drugs in her Dr. Pepper and when can I thank them?). I totally plugged my ears, like I always do when we are driving and we continued over the border.

As soon as we arrived on campus, my stomach began to turn. I begged my mom to let me turn back, but this is one of those moments where you just need to suck it up and keep moving. As soon as we entered Greaves Hall, there was a tightly-squeezing feel of anxiety looming in the air and a majority of the freshmen were clinging to their parents silently. I seemed that I could rest now, knowing I wasn't the only one afraid.

So yeah. Checked in my baggage. Moved on. Got a muffin. Lost my appetite. Yadda yadda, blah blah blah. Then my mom and I walked into the auditorium type place in Greaves and totally took a seat in the second row. After awhile, I began to look around me at the students. There were a few cute boys, but they were totally immature. Major turn-off, amIright? Anywho, two rows behind my mother and I was a girl. Omg, I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. You could tell that she liked anime, from the clothes she wore. A Fruits Basket shirt with Kyo on it. I totally was like "Omg, mom, Im gonna be friends with that girl."

And I did. I got up the courage to talk to her and she was so sweet. Her name is Amanda and she loves anime and Japan. Omg. We totally roomed together too. We hung out the whole time and talked about Japan and anime and stuff. AND SHE'S HEARD OF SUPER JUNIOR! She got the last slot for Elementary Japanese I, but that is fine with me. She totally deserved it.

But I went to go take the Japanese test and was turned away by a lady who said there was no Japanese test. I sulked back to my mother, in defeat, as I pulled out my cell and called Ashley. As mom and I were heading to the elevator to head to the next speaker, something caught my eye. There it was right outside the elevator, next to the buttons. It was like a message from God, I swear. He sent it down and engulfed it in a beacon of light. KOREAN. FIRST TIME EVER. THIS SEMESTER. I AM ONE STEP CLOSER TO REALIZING MY DREAM OF MARRYING A MEMBER OF A KOREAN BOYBAND!!! AHHH!!! No, seriously now. I am super freaked. I can't wait until school starts. Three days a week = Korean. Omg. Maybe I'll go and teach English over there or something. OH! REMINDS ME!

THEY HAVE A STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN SEOUL!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHH~ I'm super geeked now. I just... shit, I just have to earn the money first. T_T What am I going to dooo?
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
Looking back, its still hard to believe I made it this far. I passed Physics (WHOO) and managed to crank out a Senior Project paper and presentation board. To tell the truth, in the past sixteen nights, I've literally dreamed about going to school about three or four times. I guess that means I miss school. I even had a dream that I missed the bus and ended up being late. xD

After countless Saturdays spent at school writing up my paper, its all over. I feel kind of sad that I'm not coming in on Saturdays. To tell the truth, I actually liked being there and being able to get work done. And Mary was always there. I really love Mary, my English teacher. She's like a second mom to me, and if I'm having any sort of problem, I can go to her about it. When I went on that trip to North Carolina, she was there with us, and I think one of the things that made the trip even more amazing was that she was there with us. And then there were the times on the trip when I was going through iPod withdrawal and she let me sneak my iPod up into the room while everyone was asleep and let me listen to it-- even though they were considered "contraband," my mental stability was cradled by the fact that my iPod was in North Carolina with me. I didn't need to use it every night, though. Only about three times on the ten day trip. And Omg, when I was freaking out about my powerpoint presentation on my Senior Project topic-- God, did I have a meltdown. I was crying and banging my fists on the table (it's just one of those moments that every Senior in our high school goes through, because our Senior Project is the key to graduation), but Mary made it all better and helped me with my organization and I was able to get it done and ended the day less consumed by fear than I was when school was over.

Anywho, back on track. Graduation practice. I got there-- WHICH IS GOOD. On time, too. Super early, as a matter of fact. I wasn't able to get there on my own, so Beck and her dad gave me a ride there. We were supposed to be there no later than 9:45am, but we were there about... 9:10am-ish. So he drove us over to Meijer 'cause Beck wanted some Starbucks. I stayed in the car though and read more of my book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (super good read, btw). It felt so different, reading for pleasure instead of reading for a mandatory assignment. It was a weird feeling that I can't describe.

Mom got me doughnuts (speaking of which, its National Doughnut Day, yay doughnuts!) and some brownies from Graeters to share with the people there and I though I was going to be selfish and not share them. Well, when I got there, I gave in and shared with my friends. We waited about a half hour before we started, had some coffee (curtosy of Crossroads Church, omg that place is amazing) and used the restrooms.

When the time came, we were assigned partners and made two lines up the staircase. My partner was Liz, so I didn't have a problem (the only person I would have had a problem with never showed up to practice, rofl). As I had predicted, alphabetical order had me standing between Beck and Watts. Beck's partner was Travis, Watt's partner was Prego-Sheena. Anyway, these rows that we made up the stairs were to be the lines that we walked in to the ceremony as-- which meant that I'd be sitting between Beck and Watts as well.

Bob gave us one last lecture, which made me feel sad because I've always enjoyed his lectures about philosophy and life in general. Everyone wasn't really quiet like they were supposed to, myself included, sadly. Mary looked super pissed the whole time, which scared me, because Mary isn't someone you want to piss off (I really don't know why though-- she's just really intimidating). The Juniors Steel Band practiced as well, seeing as they were going to perform that night for our ceremony. Marta gave all the directions and such, and said we would come in a sit one by one-- which no one really liked. We were one big community, so the majority said they wanted to sit down all together, to show how our class is as one body. Totally Montessori, yo. xDDD

Continuing on, before we left, the Senior Steel Band played and Ben played his violin. Omg, he is so amazing. If he becomes a famous musician, I will so fangirl over him and... not really. I'll probably just buy his CDs or whatever, but he is truly an amazing musician. I guess I say this because I never had the patience or passion to play the violin (I started in Kindergarten and went all the way through my second fifth grade year before I quit). He's already left to go to school in Germany for his playing. I tried to keep my eyes glued on him the whole time, you know-- you absorb the beauty of the music more that way, but Adam was standing up most of the time and was in my way, ruining the beauty of his playing. D:< GAH. I WAS TRYING TO TAKE IN THE BEAUTY OF HIS PERFORMANCEFOADGKGh;spaj. [/spaz] Anyway, that was the last of our practice.

We went home, Beck's father was once again my only mode of transportation. He dropped me off. I can't remember what I did for the rest of the day. <_> It just wasn't one of those moments, you know.

Then time for the Graduation ceremony began. We were to be there no later than 5:15pm, but I told my family 5:00pm because there is no way we would get out of the house on time. My mom had to drop off my nephews with my aunt and it was almost 4:45, so my father took me in his car. I was freaking out on my way there because it was rush hour, and EVERYONE'S SLOW ASS HAD TO BE ON THE HIGHWAY. [/spaz] I was seriously CRYING in the car because we were becoming late.

We got there at about 5:10ish and I quickly put on my cap and gown and rushed inside. My gown decided it was going to cling to me so Jessie, Ashley and I asked Mary what we should do ('cause she's like the almighty knower of things) and she told us to go to the restroom and have Jessie sprinkle the back of my pants with water. It helped. Anyway, I continued to feel the nerves. I then lost it. We were looking down from our little patio section of the church to see who was around. And then I saw our awesome lunch-ladies. I began to cry. I'm tearing up right now. All my friends turned to me and were like "Sammie! Don't! Not yet! Don't Cry!" blah blah blah. I'm an emotional person. A crybaby, as a matter of opinion, but that doesn't really matter. After that I think I teared up two more times before our ceremony.

We lined up and walked down the stairs into the auditorium type place and we all had our moment of glory, walking down the carpet to our seats, where we stood and waited for everyone else.Then we sat. Rupa gave a speech. Marta gave a speech. We watched our Senior Video. Ooo'ed and Ahhh'ed and laughed over baby pictures. Then Porshae gave a speech. I started to tear up. Caitlin gave a speech. I streamed tears. Then we walked up to get our diplomas. The moment was a blur, I was so nervous. Then we went back to our seats after we got our diplomas. I checked to see if mine was inside. IT WAS. It was then that I realized "Oh shit. I've graduated."

We did our candle lighting ceremony to the Junior Steel Band playing Paladio, which I love, and then we moved our tassels to the other side of caps, whooped and holla'ed and exited the auditorium. I'm really shortening this up, but I'm bored with typing already. As I was walking up the alleyway, I began to cry. My tears just kept flowing, I couldn't stop. The first people I saw were Hally and Dava. It'd been a long time since I had last seen Hally so I hugged her first, then Dava. I was so happy. I cried some more and moved out of the way. And then I saw Keith. I screamed and like GLOMPED him. It had been such a long time since I saw my baby Keith (even though he's like a year older than me and foot taller to boot) and then I saw Bryan. He said "Hi Sam!" and waved at me and I was still in shock and thirsty so I waved at him back and squealed "Heeey Bryan~" I feel kinda bad though, because I gave so much attention to Keith compared to him Dx

Anywho, I drank some grape soda and went and socialized more. I saw Abby and cried and thanked her for helping me out with Physics. Then I saw Morgan and Daniel and freaked and talked to them... uhhh.. OH! And the I saw my old Principal from grade school. I was shocked, I thought I'd never see her again. Then I went looking for Adrienne. I found her, cried and thanked for helping me out so much with my Senior Project. I was bawling and like "I couldn't have done with out you." And she happily squeezed me. I saw Joori then and talked for a bit. But there was no sign of Mary. I couldn't find her at all Dx

Everyone started to leave and I had to say goodbye to some people that I loved. I said goodbye to Hally, Ellen, Delaney, Ben, Lauren P., Alex U. (who came to visit), Jazmin, Neil and Kevin. Even though most of the above had facebooks, it was still really sad for me. =/

Then my dad, my mom and I went to IHOP cause I bugged them about it. My older sister had called like three times throughout the ceremony and stuff and asked if my mom could pick my nephews up. Wait. Where's aunt Debbie? Isn't she supposed to be watching them? Yeah, but she left to get DRUNK. Omg, steal my moment, my night, okay?

Well we still went to IHOP and my sister called again going crazy so my dad left to pick up the boys. My mom and I finished our meals and I saw Ashley, a girl who also graduated tonight, but from another school. She used to go to Clark, but switched out in the 10th grade. She congratulated me and I congratulated her. And this is pretty much it from my Graduation day that I remember. Whooo that was alot. Dx
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