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The subject's name is Samantha. She was born on October 19th, the first day of the Libra/Scorpio cusp, meaning she has both Libra and Scorpio traits. According to Astrology.com, "Libra/Scorpios are seductive and attractive, commanding and intense," and Sam finds this to be quite hilarious, seeing as how she will disagree with people around her when they call her "beautiful/pretty" or "sexy." Sam currently lives in Ohio and is completing HAS COMPLETED her last year of high school. Astrology.com also says that "Libra/Scorpios tend to have a definite lazy streak," which definitely describes Samantha, as she tends to stray away from school work, and follow more leisurely activities. Samantha tends to spend her spare time satisfying her craving for sweets and famous asian men, as she has a current obsession with the boy bands known as "TVXQ!" and "Super Junior." She also tends to sleep for many hours at a time, and her current record for hours slept consecutively is twenty-five. Usually, her schedule includes "Eating, Sleeping, and 'Fangirling'," but there are times that, to her dismay, she must complete school work. Samantha is a very sensitive human being, having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and when she is suprised, scared or shocked, she tends to cry uncontrollably.

Samantha's interest in Japanese popular culture was first sparked around the tender age of eleven, when she became aware of a cartoon genre called "Anime." Even though she dearly loved the anime "Speed Racer" when she was younger, it wasn't until she discovered Cartoon Network's Toonami that she fell in love. Her first love may have been Speed Racer, but Samantha moved on to Sailormoon, which is probably in her top three anime series of all time. From 2000 until 2003, she had watched various anime on Cartoon Network, including: Cardcaptor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Hamtaro, Inuyasha, Outlaw Star, Ronin Warriors, Sailormoon, and Tenchi Muyo!Samantha began to grow bored with the assortment of anime that was aired on Cartoon Network, but as she began channel surfing, she discovered that Cartoon Network was not the only source of anime availible to her. On either cable or dish service, she discovered the "Action Channel," which showed anime like Blue Seed and Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 which both happen to be in her "Top Ten Anime EVER" category. Also around 2000, she discovered illegal music downloading and stumbled her way into the J-pop music scene with Hamasaki Ayumi's "To be" and from here, her love for Japanese popular culture had blossomed.

But as Japanese-Fandom had slowly consumed her life, Samantha found nothing she wanted more than to become a Pop Star in Japan. Her dream had blossomed into a goal and Samantha believed that one day soon, she would visit Japan and audition for the love of her life, Morning Musume. She believed it was possible for a young American female with no Asian ancestry, like herself, to join such a "Happy-Go-Lucky" Girl-Power Asian Superband and worked towards her goal by practicing singing and dancing on her own. On summer days, while home alone, Samantha practiced and practiced, pushing herself to memorize Japanese lyrics that she could not even begin to comprehend. Then, one summer, she tried her luck. Even though she was shy girl, afraid of critisism, she joined an online karaoke group called Eggo Moni, which was full of crazy Hello! Project fangirls, much like herself. She first auditioned for a Mini Moni cover group, but as she wanted to audition for another group, the troubling decision had to be made on which group she would rather be in. Though she was given Tsuji Nozomi's lines in the Mini Moni group, she decided leave the Mini Moni cover group to audition for the V-U-DEN cover group instead and was then recruited for Miyuuden. Samantha was cast as the youngest in the V-U-DEN group, Okada Yui, and recieved various complements on the sound of her voice. All of the praise she recieved from the Eggo Moni board members helped boost her minimal confidence and caused her to work harder towards her goal of taking over tha Japanese Pop scene. Miyuuden released an amazing amount of four singles in four months. Their fifth and last single was in the works when Samantha, known in the group as Momoko, realized that she could not keep up karaoke and her school work. While Maki, Miyoshi Erika's cover voice, was studying abroad in Japan, the group finished their last single and Samantha resigned from the group. Throughout her few months on the Eggo Moni board, Samantha completed five singles as a part of the Miyuuden unit, two singles as a part of the Sushi Koubou unit, and two singles as part of the summer (CUT3) and fall (Orange 5) shuffles.

Then, in early 2007, while she was in a curious sort of mood, Samantha stumbled upon the greatest discovery of her existance: Korean Boy Bands. Her first exposure to K-Pop was through her Canadian friend, Nancy, who sent her one of SM TOWN's winter songs, but after she discovered TVXQ!, there was no possibility of going back. She soon, abandoned her goal of auditioning for Hello! Project and vowed that she would one day marry a member of a Korean Boy Band [possible Boy Band candiates: TVXQ!, Super Junior (M), FT ISLAND (aka jailbait1), SHINee (aka jailbait2), and Big Bang]. Depending on her mood, on any given day her favorites and least favorites change. Even though she can be an extremely slightly obsessive fangirl with big dreams, she is not completely dillusional, because she knows her dreams of marrying a Korean Boy Band member and becoming a Pop Star in Japan aren't possible in the slightest rational and she may just end up becoming an English teacher in either Japan or Korea.

ME (in short).
Samantha. 23-years-old. Studying Korean and Japanese. Red hair. Brown eyes. 5'5". Fangirl. Do not feed. Favorite food is chocolate, favorite candy bar is/are Kit-Kat(s) [can NEVER not have more than one]. Favorite drink is Dr Pepper, but drinks water like a fish needs it to breath D:. Least favorite food is... Lima beans D:< Loves to dance, sing, and exercise. Enjoys arts and crafts. Loves drawing. Loves to Boy Scout. Thinks she's hot stuff, but disagrees with anyone who points it out. Thinks she's pretty funny. Often abuses Caps-lock. Often freaks out on the keyboard causing something like iuoshdfpoimzijns this.

Henry Lau's ass. Laughing. Omg, laughing is so much fun. Friends. Hearing Eeteuk's laugh. Omg, it makes me laugh whenever I hear it. Cute boys. Chocolate. Candy. Presents. Love. Puppies. Kittens. Rain. Cool Breezes. Junk Food. Ashley. Boy Bands. NKU. TVXQ! Super Junior. Super Junior M. Super Junior KRY. Super Junior T. Super Junior H. Big Bang. FT Island. SHINee. Changmin. Yoochun. Junsu. Jaejoong. Yunho. Henry Lau. Eeteuk. Filling space with all the Suju members. Heechul. Hankyung. Yesung. Kangin. Shindong. Sungmin. Eunhyuk. Donghae. Shiwon. Ryeowook. Kibum. Kyuhyun. HENRY. GDragon. TOP. Tae Yang. Seung Ri. Dae Sung. Jonghun. Jaejin. Minhwan. Wonbin and Hongki. Key. Minho. Taemin. Jonghyun. Onew. Chocolate. Henry Lau. Yes, I know I've said things more than once.

TOP 8 SUJU: Ryeowook, Henry, Shiwon, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Sungmin, Eeteuk, Heechul
TOP 3 TVXQ!: Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu


Haters. People who do not type out correct English (I can understand if you are trying to be funny, but Journal entries like that... No. Just, no). Anti-fans. Crazy Elf -- the Elf are okay, but once they go all crazy like it irks me. Drama. OMG DRAMA, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED. Eating too much. Gaining weight. Bad hygiene.

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