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What to do? I have no clue. 
7th-Aug-2008 02:39 pm
Tanaka Reina Cinderella Musical
I'm totally bored. Its like there's nothing to do anymore. Not to mention, I'm super tired all the time now. Ever since orientation (which was a blast, btw) I've been sooo sleepy. I didn't go to bed until about 5am this morning and woke up at about 9am to sing (cause no one is home forreal, except my niece who is dead asleep, right now as I type this). It seems like being a fangirl isn't enough to keep one satisfied for very long. I'm longing for some action, some adventure. Send me to Korea noooww~

So about orientation. My mom and I woke up early (I woke up at 5am to get a bath, and mom woke up at 6am) and it seemed like all she could do was bitch at me one way or the other. My niece stayed up all night and sent us off (it seemed too friendly to be quite honest. She told me to have fun and said that she'd miss me. Who the hell put drugs in her Dr. Pepper and when can I thank them?). I totally plugged my ears, like I always do when we are driving and we continued over the border.

As soon as we arrived on campus, my stomach began to turn. I begged my mom to let me turn back, but this is one of those moments where you just need to suck it up and keep moving. As soon as we entered Greaves Hall, there was a tightly-squeezing feel of anxiety looming in the air and a majority of the freshmen were clinging to their parents silently. I seemed that I could rest now, knowing I wasn't the only one afraid.

So yeah. Checked in my baggage. Moved on. Got a muffin. Lost my appetite. Yadda yadda, blah blah blah. Then my mom and I walked into the auditorium type place in Greaves and totally took a seat in the second row. After awhile, I began to look around me at the students. There were a few cute boys, but they were totally immature. Major turn-off, amIright? Anywho, two rows behind my mother and I was a girl. Omg, I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. You could tell that she liked anime, from the clothes she wore. A Fruits Basket shirt with Kyo on it. I totally was like "Omg, mom, Im gonna be friends with that girl."

And I did. I got up the courage to talk to her and she was so sweet. Her name is Amanda and she loves anime and Japan. Omg. We totally roomed together too. We hung out the whole time and talked about Japan and anime and stuff. AND SHE'S HEARD OF SUPER JUNIOR! She got the last slot for Elementary Japanese I, but that is fine with me. She totally deserved it.

But I went to go take the Japanese test and was turned away by a lady who said there was no Japanese test. I sulked back to my mother, in defeat, as I pulled out my cell and called Ashley. As mom and I were heading to the elevator to head to the next speaker, something caught my eye. There it was right outside the elevator, next to the buttons. It was like a message from God, I swear. He sent it down and engulfed it in a beacon of light. KOREAN. FIRST TIME EVER. THIS SEMESTER. I AM ONE STEP CLOSER TO REALIZING MY DREAM OF MARRYING A MEMBER OF A KOREAN BOYBAND!!! AHHH!!! No, seriously now. I am super freaked. I can't wait until school starts. Three days a week = Korean. Omg. Maybe I'll go and teach English over there or something. OH! REMINDS ME!

THEY HAVE A STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN SEOUL!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHH~ I'm super geeked now. I just... shit, I just have to earn the money first. T_T What am I going to dooo?
14th-Aug-2008 04:42 am (UTC)
I wanna learn Korean too!!!

Good luck with school!!
14th-Aug-2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks~ I'm super excited. I think I'll blog about what I learn every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Or make a learning Korean community or something. xD
14th-Aug-2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
Omg! That would be sooo cool!!

I really want to learn Korean, but there's no classes around here. Only Japanese classes
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